Plus Ultra Space Outposts and Lunar Station Corporation to enable the next generation of lunar data

Cambridge, MA, USA, April 29, 2022.

The two companies entered a strategic partnership to support the upcoming lunar race with broadband-enabled data intelligence using Lunar Station’s MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform “MoonHacker™” and Plus Ultra’s communication and navigation constellation “Harmony”.

Plus Ultra’s 24/7 high-speed connectivity (up to 100 Mbps per user) will allow continuous access for lunar customers to up-to-date, mission-critical information about their lunar missions and environment generated by Lunar Station’s MoonHacker data analytics software. Lunar users will benefit from realtime data that support their mission’s success from planning to operations.

Beyond joint commercial offering, the US-European cooperation will create new opportunities for lunar businesses and support the creation of the lunar economy with joint marketing efforts and scientific collaboration.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to partner with Plus Ultra and building the premier network for lunar intelligence. This network fundamentally becomes the Central Nervous System of the CISLunar Domain for our mutual clients.” said Blair DeWitt, CEO of Lunar Station.

Plus Ultra’s CEO, Carlos M. Entrena Utrilla stated: “Our partnership amplifies the value of our lunar communications pipeline by providing additional value to our customers beyond a simple connection. As we see on Earth, data alone is useless: top-notch data analytics and access to those insights are the real value creators. That’s precisely what we achieve with our partnership with Lunar Station”.

About Plus Ultra Space Outposts

Plus Ultra is a new European company based in Spain, Germany and Luxembourg aiming to deploy and operate a satellite constellation for the Moon, required for the accelerated development and sustainability of the fast-growing lunar economy. With this game changing communication and navigation infrastructure, offering global highspeed broadband connectivity and precise navigation on the Moon and cislunar orbit, Plus Ultra aims to become the backbone of the lunar economy. For clients this means commercial and scientific ROI maximization, maximum access to the Moon and to cislunar orbit, substantial risk minimization as well as significant cost reduction. Plus Ultra’s constellation

“Harmony” is projected to begin its initial operations in 2024.

About Lunar Station

Lunar Station provides clear answers to complex questions about the Lunar environment related to mission designing, operational preparedness, and situational awareness. Their clients experience the most comprehensive suite of new Lunar intelligence by accessing through the internet the MoonHacker™

Intelligence Platform. Organizations, public and private, have the easiest, most advanced, and scalable access to the best insights about the Moon than has ever been. For remote sensor teams targeting the Moon, the MoonHacker™ Partner Program allows you to easily distribute your data to our global audience. Since 2016, Lunar Station Corporation (an MIT Start-up) has been creating and expanding their MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform in the offices located in Cambridge, MA.

About MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform

The MoonHacker™ Intelligence Platform provides comprehensive Lunar environmental intelligence by completely characterizing terrain, power, minerals, communications, weather and many more criteria for any location on the Lunar surface for any point in time. MoonHacker™ can also provide highly detailed pathing analyses for cross terrain navigation with route optimization for each type of transportation element a client will use on the Moon.

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